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About resQ System

About resQ System

resQ system supports to achieve comfortable working environment for people in the livestock-farming industry with the compost-promoting material “resQ45” series which Toyota Motor Corporation and Menicon jointly developed and launched in 2006.

Started from the concerns in the livestock-farming industry

About 80 million tons of livestock waste is discharged in Japan every year. *
There are concerns about the impact on the environment- such as odors, water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions which causes global warming. Therefore, an appropriate treatment and effective use of livestock waste are required.
In addition, with global goals of carbon neutrality and SDGs, livestock-farming industry is facing various problems such as rise in electricity and feed cost, and labor shortages. *Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan


-Electricity costs rise
-Complaints about odors from neighborhoods
-Taking a long time to compost
-Struggling with composting in cold season
-Improvement of working environment

Solve the problems of livestock-farming industry with “resQ”

Toyota Motor Corporation and Menicon jointly launched the business of “resQ” in 2006 to solve these problems and issues in the livestock-farming industry. Developing “resQ45” series which quickly composts livestock manure, we contribute to improvement of quality of compost and reduce the environmental impact of the livestock-farming industry.

Cost reduction through extra know-how

Through more than 15 years business, we have seen inappropriate composting methods and equipments. In particular, there were many cases where blowers, which are essential for composting, were unsuitable. Therefore, we started composting consulting business.
Blowers are very important equipment for composting, and by optimizing them, composting will definitely change. In addition, we have succeeded to reduce electricity cost through it in some farms.

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