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Composting consulting

Reduce electricity bills, reduce odors, improve composting
equipment, and more
We can solve your composting problems!

Since the launch of the composting promoting materials "resQ45" in 2006, we have improved the composting environment with our knowledge cultivated through our experience at hundred sites all over Japan, and also achieved a significant reduction in electricity costs.

For those who have problems with composting
We gather composting knowledge. We reduce electricity bills and improve the environment.

Conditions for good composting and support coverage

Environmental conditions necessary for good composting include nutrients, moisture, aeration, microorganisms, temperature, and time. Since aeration is difficult to understand visually, it is difficult to perform proper aeration. In some cases, excessive supply of air may result in unnecessary electricity bills.
Menicon provides total support, mainly in blower optimization based on aeration analysis, as well as proposals for reducing electricity bills, adjusting moisture, proposing composting promoting materials and deodorizers, and surveying composting facilities.

Composting consulting flow

Proposal items

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